Hello, my name is Xian-Hao Liao.
You can call me Harry Liao!

I am a multi-disciplinary designer who completed my Master of Fine Arts: Dynamic Media Institute at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2024. My interest in the design field has always led me to think about how to build a better user experience.

Therefore, in 2023, I completed my UX Design Professional Certificate from Google, and I am currently looking for a work opportunity to collaborate with other designers in the near future.

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Xian-Hao Liao was born and raised in Taiwan. Also, he is currently working on his album. Diversity and creativity are all he cares about. As his music style, fill with avant-garde sense.

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Moreover, I am the primary host of Brotherhood Casual

I promoted the music from all around Asia.
In 2018, my friends and I created this music channel to connect people. Supported many Taiwanese producers to promote their music in Brotherhood Casual.

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