MELEER (2020) Game Design

MELEER (迷謎餌)
2020 Game Design

Game development:Chien-Ting Chen, Ching-Min Chen, Meng-Chun Chien, Hsiang-Chun Wang, Shan-Jung Li, Xian-Hao Liao


#Unity #Protool #PR

“MELEER” is a multiplayer online party game that gathers friends and have fun together, overturning the rule of winning by the number of killed enemies. Instead, an exciting element of “throwing MELEE” scapegoat is added! It would rather override than kill the opponents. By this way, even if opponents have the advantage of more gold coins, you can still turn defeat into victory. Similarly, even if all the gold coins are lost, “turning into MELEE” can still make you manic again, turning the tide and gaining more gold coins!

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